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The Falcon JET harness racing disc wheel is one of the fastest and strongest wheels in the world.  Introduced in the United States and Canada in the spring of 2004, the Falcon JET  wheel has become the wheel choice for many in the harness racing world.
Falcon developed and engineered the wheel from the same design principles, and structural and material properties, utilized to manufacture the lightest and most aerodynamic high performance advanced composite disc cycling wheels in the world. 

The Falcon JET wheel is manufactured with only lightweight but super strong advanced composite military spec material and manufacturing processes.  Using two different types of graphite optimally oriented, the Falcon JET is extremely light as well as providing unmatched strength. 


Not only is it lightweight and strong but it includes Falcon's unique design to decrease weight in the rim area.    This lightweight feature is very important in maximizing acceleration.

The Falcon JET includes a highly aerodynamic, sleek design that cuts through the air smoother then any wheel on the market.

Plus the Falcon JET contains the ultra fast Falcon Ceramic Hybrid Bearing.

The end result is a fast, highly durable racing wheel that you can count on for the winning edge. 


 If speed is what you need, this is the wheel.          

 There are no gimmicks with us. Just performance and value!

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