The ball exit speed ratio (BESR) is defined by:

BESR = [v* - (V-v) / 2] / (V+v)

where v and v* are the ball entry and exit speeds, respectively, and V is the bat entry speed (this is the speed at the 6" point on the bat). Therefore, the measured
bat input speed should be adjusted accordingly to reflect the bat input speed at the 6" point by use of the formula:

V = Vcontact x (Length - 11.375) / (Length - 5.375 - Location)

Where V is bat entry speed at the 6-inch location, Vcontact is the bat entry speed as recorded on the test datasheet, Length is the overall length of the bat, and
Location is the hit location, e.g. 6.5 in. or 7.0 in.

FCB23330          FALCON GRAPHITE COMPOSITE BASEBALL BAT    NCAA  2 5/8 ' DIA      33"  30oz.